4 Good Reasons To Keep Power Extension Cords Around The House

If you don't already have at least one power extension cord laying around your house, it's time to think about investing in a couple. Here's how they can come in handy:

Use Them During the Holidays

If you're someone who likes to decorate for the holidays, a couple of extension cords could come in very handy. No longer will you be limited to the inside and immediate vicinity of your house. You can extend your Christmas lights and electronic decorations all the way to the edge of the sidewalk if you wanted to. Decorate your large trees with lights, and install décor on your roof. Running an extension cord from a plug outlet in your home to the yard is a safe and convenient way to power all of your decorations while minimizing any impact it has on your household.

Take Them Camping With You

Keeping power extension cords around the house can help make camping more convenient too. Just pack one up with your camping gear and plug it into a portable solar kit or a vehicle outlet when you get to the campsite. You can then easily keep your cell phone, tablet, and laptop powered up throughout the trip. You can also power lights and appliances for a comfortable and convenient camping experience.

Set up a Guest Space for Visitors

With the help of an extension cord or two, you can easily set up a comfortable guest space in your garage, basement, or attic when visitors show up. Plug a power strip into an extension cord so your guests can plug in a television, lighting, and their own personal electronics. And you can dress the guest space up with a tabletop waterfall and an electric space heater thanks your your extension cords.

Entertain Your Guests in the Backyard

Another great reason to keep extension power cords around the house is to make entertaining guests in the backyard easy. Whether you want to play a radio, power up an electric grill, or show your friends and family home movies in the yard on a beautiful day, a long extension cord can make it all happen. Extending power to the yard during barbecues and parties will enable your guests to keep their phones and tablets powered without having to use up outlets inside your house.

Invest in a short and long extension cord, such as from cord adapters by Americord, for your home to ensure that all of your power needs are covered throughout the year, no matter the occasion.

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