Making A Garage Workshop? Invest In LED Lighting For The Space

If you want to start working on various projects in your home, you may have spent a lot of time thinking about where you should put a workshop. An ideal solution is to use a two-car or three-car garage, which still allows you to park one or two vehicles inside for maximum protection.

While you are working on projects that involve the use of your hands, manual tools, or power tools, you will want to have sufficient lighting to avoid getting injured and execute tasks properly. This is when you should look at LED lighting as your solution for making an ideal light setup.

Quick Turn-On

A huge advantage that comes with LED lighting is that it will provide maximum lighting right away. Although you could use CFL lights, these bulbs have a considerable warm-up time. This means that investing in LED lights will increase your productiveness by being able to start immediately. If you are working on a time sensitive project, you will appreciate the fast and bright lighting.

No Heat Gain

The garage is often a space that will get hot or cold depending on the season. If you find yourself working a lot during spring and summer, you want to avoid excessive heat gain. Both incandescent and CFL bulbs will increase the temperature around your garage workshop. But, you can rely on the lighting of LED bulbs without having to worry about any heat gain occurring.

Energy Savings

Although $4.80 in annual energy costs may not seem like much, it will add up when you consider the fact that you are using multiple lights in the workshop at all times. Bringing this down to $1.00 per year is a huge decrease, which will lead to noticeable savings on your electricity bill. This also comes without having to sacrifice how much light you get while working in your workshop.

Lengthy Lifespan

If you grew up using incandescent lightbulbs, you may have grown accustomed to replacing them often. The great thing about switching to LED bulbs is that you will not have to worry about replacing them hardly ever. You can go many years with using the same bulbs in your workshop. By the time you need to replace them, LED lights may be even more efficient than they are now.

When you are looking to put together an adequate lighting setup for your garage workshop, you should not hesitate to use LED lights for all the advantages that they have over the competition.  

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