Plans For That Spare Room? How To Set Up The Perfect Home Theater

If you've got a spare room in your home, it's time to put it to good use as a home theater. Sitting in the family room to watch movies is great, but watching a movie in your own home theater is even better. It's like having your own movie theater right in your own home. To make sure you get the most out of your home theater experience, here are three simple steps that you'll need to follow.

Set the Speakers Up for Maximum Sound

When you're setting up your home theater, you need to plan for the sound. The last thing you want is to have ordinary sound coming from you home theater. Instead, you want to go with surround sound. To get the perfect sound that only surround sound can provide, you need to set the speakers up in just the right location. You don't want to set them up right next to the television screen because that won't give you the full surround sound experience. Instead, start with speakers to the right and left of the screen. Next, head to the back of the room and set speakers up in the right and left corners back there as well. Make sure they're placed up towards the ceiling. Finally, set two bookshelves up on opposite sides of the room and hide one speaker on each bookshelf. Now you'll have the perfect mix of sound throughout your home theater.

Plan for 3D Viewing

If you're going to be viewing 3D movies, you'll want to plan the seating arrangements. 3D movies shouldn't be viewed while you're lounging on the sofa. That's the best way to get a very blurry picture. Instead, make sure that you provide seating that will give you the ability to sit with your backs straight and your eyes focused straight towards the screen. That way, you'll get a clear 3D picture.

Test the Screen Location

When you bring your television in, you may be tempted to get it mounted on the wall as soon as possible. Unfortunately, that's a good way to end up with a very bad view of the television screen. Before you mount your television on the wall, test it in a few locations around the room first. That way, you can account for the glare from the sun, or other issues that could interfere with your viewing pleasure. If all the walls in your room get glare at some point during the day, you might want to consider a curved-screen television. The curve of the screen expands the viewing area of the television and eliminates glare.

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