Benefits Of LED Lighting

LED lights are becoming more popular as technology continues to improve, but many people don't understand exactly why they should switch from compact fluorescent or halogen lights.  Here are a few reasons one might consider upgrading.


LEDs are much more efficient than incandescent bulbs, of course, but are still quite a bit more efficient than fluorescent and halogen options, which can lead to significant cost savings.  Efficiency continues to increase as technology continues to eke out more and more light from less electricity.  Due to how these work, they produce much less heat than other options, which can also reduce cooling and ventilation costs.  Another interesting aspect of LED bulbs is that they are more focused, inherently than other bulbs, only producing light in a hemisphere as opposed to spherically.  This means that less light is wasted or not useful, and more of the energy spent can go towards lighting the task or area.

Long Life

LED lights don't burn out like other lighting technologies, they slowly lose brightness and reach a level where they need to be replaced after a very long time.  Current technologies put them at an average of 40,000 hours of use, depending on lamp and fixture.  Traditional incandescent bulbs have a lifespan of about 1,000 hours and an equivalent CFL has a lifespan of about 9,000 hours.  Aside from reducing the cost per hour of light, this also reduces labor costs in commercial uses and the headache of replacing burned out bulbs in residential applications.


Unlike other lighting technologies, LEDs don't have filaments or fragile glass exteriors, which greatly increases out impact and vibration resistant they are.   While not impervious to damage, they are approximately equivalent to consumer electronics, as opposed to the fragile glass bulbs of other technologies.  Less broken bulbs, no dangerous chemicals inside and less frequent replacements make for an overall nicer ownership experience.  This can be especially important in commercial and industrial applications where heavy duty bulbs can be very expensive and require frequent replacement.  

Low Temperature Function

LEDs are well suited to function in cold environments where fluorescent bulbs, in particular, perform very poorly.  LEDs are brighter at lower temperature and require no additional voltage to start even in frigid weather.  This makes them perfect for outdoor applications, along with their other benefits, avoiding flickering and that other bulbs experience in low temperatures.  In walk in fridges or freezers, LEDs also perform spectacularly.

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