Traveling The World? 4 Things To Know About Satellite Phones

If you are planning on traveling all over the world, instead of a smartphone, you need to carry a satellite phone with you. A satellite phone, like those from All Road SAT, doesn't depend upon a country-based SIM card like a cell phone does. It is really the phone that you need to take with you if you are planning on traveling the globe.

Satellite Phones Work Almost Everywhere

With a cell phone, you have to have a SIM card in your phone that the country you are in recognizes. This can mean purchasing a new SIM card, as well as a pay-as-you-go cell phone plan, for each country that you visit. Very few countries allow SIM cards from another country to operate in the their country. You may find SIM cards that work in the U.S., for example, but if you travel to China, you'll need another SIM card.

With satellite phones, you do not need a SIM card to use the phone. The phone connects to satellites that are up in in the sky and orbiting earth, not to local cell phone towers. This allows you to use a satellite phone in almost every country in the world.

Satellite Phones Use an Antenna

One aspect of a satellite phone that may be a little different than the phones that you are used to using is that it relies on an antenna. You have to extend the antenna up towards the sky in order to make a phone call.

Generally, you need to use a satellite phone outside or near a window, as you need a clear view of the sky so that your antenna can connect with the satellites orbiting above earth.

Satellite Phones Require the Country Code

Typically, when you make a phone call, you just have to put in the area code and the phone number. With a satellite phone, since it can work anywhere in the world and make calls all over the world, you are going to need to enter the country code before you put in the area code and the rest of the phone number.  You may want to make a cheat-sheet of all the country codes that you are going to need to know on your journey so that you always know what code to dial.  

Satellite Phones Allow You to Receive Calls

Satellite phones do not just allow you to make phone calls, they also always you to receive phone calls just like a regular phone. In order for your phone to ring, though, you are going to need to be outside or with a clear view of the sky. Just answer the call and extend your antenna on your phone so that you can experience a clear connection.

If you are planning on traveling around the world, a satellite phone is the best way to ensure that you always have a phone that can use no matter what country that you are in. It also provides your family back home with one consistent number to reach you at.

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